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I have a huuuuge favour to ask of you!

Okay, so, I have a lovely friend that I met at a Jason Manns gig, and she is determined!

Hayden Lee is doing a promotional, I guess, thing, on Facebook, to try and get more likes on his page!

The person who referred the most people get a skype show from…

The last two days were exhausting but amazing!! Must have spend 12h on trains but worth it!! Met new friends, old friends and some finally in person <3

Jason remembered me from out skype chat which I find scary ;) one of those too good memory people! When he asked me to spell my name I went for the lazy way and only said half my name cos I couldnt spell anymore and he went “no hyphen? no Maria?” XD XD I think he has a special premission to skip half my name on autographes from now on.

The concert had been just amazing!! He played some of my all time fav covers that I never got the joy to hear in person (Track of my Tears) and he beatboxed!!!!!! :) Absolutely lovely during the meet and greet and even came up to the bar beforehand and chatted with us for a bit <3 <3 Gave him a copy of the Jason - English dictionary (hope he likes it, he couldnt read cos the light was too bad) I got a wet and sweaty hug then I apologized and ran to catch a train.

Got lost to the pub crawl (I can not read maps and dont know the differece between north and south side of the river). Might never have found it if I didnt come across Valorie to save me <3 <3 … we talked, we drank, we walked, took pictures, (I lost the river for a while), had fun, (may have said some weird things ( saying  “I am glad you shaved your hair, cos your curls scare me!!!” could fall under the better keep to yourself category)).

I learned a lot… you can not meet Jason without learning new things… Rugby vs American Football, the different pronounciation between the uk and states Birmingham (I still dont hear any difference) and… and… and…

Also Jason gives the best hugs - or it just felt that way cos I was freezing and he was warm!!! XD Haven’t been this tired in a while but hadnt had this much fun in a while either.

deadly tired so only the highlights tonight there will be a propper report later :)

- Jason is an angel, he chatted to us in the bar BEFORE the M&G and gig

- He remembered me from our skype call (totally weird cos I said my town and “but actually I just moved there from” and he remembered)

- (I do apologize at this point cos I told him it couldnt have been my hair last time we talked it was brown… not true… it might have been orange or red-ish… or blonde.. not quite sure anymore.. at least it wasnt green/purple)

- Some song I’ve been dying to hear live were played <3

- got my pick and a drawing of him signed (apparently I got talent O.o I feel honored that he feels honored)

- back tomorrow for the pub crawl

- my brain tells me there were things I forgot

- sat for a while next to Jason on a very compfy couch… damn I want one of thouse couches!!! OMG have you ever sat in the green corner ones at the venue??!?! *in love*

- met new friends, old friends and friends i didn’t recognize

- gave him a copy of the Jason - English dictionary (he couldnt read it in the dim light so gotta ask him tomorrow if he likes it)

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